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SMALL but MIGHTY - NEW Topical Skin Supplements

Posted by Yasmin Grijalva on
SMALL but MIGHTY - NEW Topical Skin Supplements | Hey Honey Skin Care

“The secret of my health is applying honey inside and oil outside.”


Did you know Bees can carry their own weight in pollen while flying?! Some might say they are SMALL but MIGHTY. We took a hint from the Bees and created our own SMALL but MIGHTY products...these products are Skincare Routine meets Skincare Wellness meets skincare Health. Now we are so excited to present to skincare enthusiasts everywhere our two NEW products: A.C.E It Vitamin Blend Hydration Enhancer and Be Clear Skin Purifying Bee Propolis Drops. 

These topical skin supplements were engineered to work with any skincare regimen, all skin types and effective throughout all the changing seasons and any drastic changes endured by your skin.  together. Your skin is constantly changing and is always in need of something different. Gone are the days of overhauling your skincare routine and expensive products to target the ever changing needs of the skin.  These two topical skin supplements cover any and all skin conditions and both acute and chronic conditions. These two products are boosting accessories vital to all skincare routines. A.C.E It and Be Clear are game changers in the skincare industry, by introducing two new minimalistic, potent and highly effective products preparing your skin for a much needed upgrade and next level status.  So if you need only two products: these are it. 

These multitasking products are essential for a busy, hectic and chaotic lifestyle so you can be sure your skin is achieving fast acting and long-lasting results. When used together A.C.E It and Be Clear will nourish, repair, and replenish your skin revealing a more youthful, radiant and invigorated appearance. 

A.C.E It Vitamin Blend Hydration Enhancer

A.C.E. It Vitamin Blend Hydration Enhancer is your daily dose of essential vitamins integrated into one simple formula. This product does it all—hydrates, rejuvenates and revitalizes dull, depleted skin with signs of aging. Formulated with over 99% natural ingredients A.C.E It is ideal for all skin types. It’s one of the easiest supplements you’ll ever take!  

Vitamins A, C and E are essential vitamins for your skin and are necessary for your skin to function at its best. In addition to Vitamins A, C and E we added in Hemp Oil and Coffea Arabica to achieve the best possible results. Hemp Oil helps to calm the skin of any redness and irritation while Coffea Arabica dramatically revitalizes the skin’s texture and plumps the skin. 

Just like you take vitamins to supplement your diet, A.C.E. It is an easy way to enhance your moisturizer and skincare regimens in just one simple step. You can choose to either mix it in with your favorite serum or moisturizer or use it by itself, truly designed to adapt to your needs and wants for your skincare wellness routine.  

Be Clear Skin Purifying Bee Propolis Drops

Succeeding our A.C.E It Vitamin Blend we dreamt up our soon to be beloved and team favorite Be Clear Skin Purifying Bee Propolis Drops. An innovative, oil-free, skin purifying, concentrated and 99% natural formula that clarifies, balances and restores complex, compromised and damaged skin. It is your first vital step towards repairing and reconstructing your skin barrier.   

Bee Propolis, Oat Beta-Glucan, and Aloe Vera work synergistically to alleviate skin redness, discomfort and signs of acne. A unique formula that works on both your face and your body. These drops are ideal to be used all over the face and body or as spot treatments; as your skin needs. You can implement Be Clear without worrying about overdrying your skin or introducing harsh and abrasive ingredients. The reparative and replenishing properties found in these drops ensure your skin maintains balanced, even, and hydrated accomplishing optimum skin health. 

Naturally antiseptic and antimicrobial Bee Propolis is used by the Bees to keep their hive intact, free of invaders and ensures a sturdy foundation for their home. Here at Hey Honey, we use it to keep our skin blemish free, acne free, hydrated and performing at its most optimal levels.

Your skin is constantly changing and working hard to protect Overworked skin results in pesky zits and unwanted blemishes out of nowhere, dull, tired and stressed skin. When your skin becomes overworked it becomes depleted of its essential nutrients and energy for cellular mechanisms to maintain healthy functioning skin conditions. Basically your skin is unable to initiate wound healing and repair so your skin needs some extra TLC. Be Clear Skin Purifying Bee Propolis Drops is a powerful yet gentle serum that will help keep your skin clear by delivering the necessary nutrients and energy resources needed to stimulate healthy and reparative responses. Truly multi-purposeful and long lasting Be Clear is sure to help repair and reconstruct your skin to look and feel it’s best.  

It’s time for you to try out these SMALL but MIGHTY drops for yourself. Tag us on Instagram @heyhoney and use the #SMALLbutMIGHTY so we can see your amazing results. 


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