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I Peel Good! What about you?

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I Peel Good! What about you? | Hey Honey Skin Care

You're busy taking the kids to school, practices, and play dates. You may be working full time and your boss is always expecting your best. Whatever it is, you can never find to time to get to the spa for a facial, but your skin is begging you to take proper care of it. Instead you search for the right skincare product, but find it too harsh. Or maybe it doesn't even do what it says. Wouldn't it be nice to say I Peel Good?

You can with Hey Honey's I Peel Good! peel cream that is 100% natural and uses biomimetic technology to mimic the skin's natural rejuvenation process.I Peel Good is ideal for mature, flaky and sun-damaged skin (even stretch marks too).There are several active ingredients that make I Peel Good a fast acting, assertive peel cream. For instance, Caprylic/capric triglyceride which promotes repairing of the skin's surface and moisture retention. Moringa oil is another wonderful ingredient in I Peel Good. An oil commonly referred to as the “Anti-Aging Oil”; has natural rejuvenation properties and is great for reducing wrinkles and blemishes. Included in I Peel good are many other natural emollients that leave your silky smooth and soft. Of course I Peel Good also uses both Honey and Propolis which help to moisturize and repair your skin.

Even though you don't have the time to relax at the spa, you can feel much better at the end of your day by using I Peel Good. I Peel Good! What about you?

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