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Boosting Your Self-Esteem with Your Beauty Routine

Posted by Breanne Gallagher on
Boosting Your Self-Esteem with Your Beauty Routine | Hey Honey Skin Care

Have you jumped on the beauty routine bandwagon? Establishing a beauty routine that helps you to feel and look your best is something many of us have started over the course of the pandemic. Whether you’ve focused more on your skincare, or you’ve tried to truly embrace your sense of style, there’s no right or wrong way to primp and pamper yourself. But what happens when you’re having a day where you simply don’t feel your best? While there's no fool proof way to avoid insecurity, here are three changes you can make to boost your self-esteem with your beauty routine:

Have a Nighttime Ritual

Developing the habit of a nighttime ritual might be easier said than done, but it's definitely a necessary step to add to your beauty routine to keep you feeling confident. Instead of scrolling through TikTok for hours on end, try to dedicate at least 20 minutes before bed to taking care of yourself. Although this may look a little different for everyone, some ways you can develop a nighttime ritual include: 

- Using a facial replenisher: Even if this is already a staple of your beauty regime, it’s still an important one to take note of! Cleansing each night with a facial moisturizing replenisher will not only help with the aging of your skin, but it will also keep your face feeling relaxed and refreshed before bed.

- Wearing cotton undergarments: Getting your beauty rest is a crucial part of waking up each morning and feeling like your best self. One way to ensure you get a full night sleep is to wear body hugging cotton underwear to bed. Cotton helps to balance out your body temperature and it offers the perfect amount of comfort for sleeping in!

- Applying under eye masks: Under eye masks have made quite the name for themselves in the last year, becoming a beauty routine must-have almost overnight. Because you can’t see the effects of an under eye mask after just one use, incorporating them into your nighttime ritual regularly is your best bet to visible results. If you’re someone who dreads looking at under eye bags in the morning, these masks are for you!

Try Self Tanner

It’s no secret to beauty gurus alike that tanning can increase your confidence. However, we all know that tanning comes at a price. Whether you’re hitting the tanning bed or you’re laying out at the beach, UV rays can have a seriously negative effect on your skin. The good news is, you can still get your glow on by opting for self tanner or a spray tan in the upcoming months!

Despite the spray tan horror stories you may have heard in the past, in 2021, spray tans have changed a lot since the orangeish days of the early 2000s. Using some self tanner at home or going to the salon is safer than ever and it’s a great way to switch up your routine and get the extra boost of confidence you might be missing! For more information, this article has everything you need to know about getting a spray tan if you’re on the fence. 

Experiment With Your Makeup

Sometimes looking at the same style of makeup in the mirror each day can get boring, and when that happens, your confidence can take a hit. If you’ve had the same winged eyeliner for the last two years that you want to change or you’ve been itching to try out a new foundation, do it! Allowing your beauty routine to boost your self-esteem is all about being able to see yourself from a new angle. Have some fun by researching makeup tutorials on YouTube or splurge on a few new products to test out at home, the options for switching up your makeup are truly endless!

Whatever  you decide to change up in your routine, remember that there is no right or wrong way to define beauty. Make the changes that work and feel best for you and you’re sure to have a routine that boosts your self-esteem.

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