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Benefits of Green Tea

Posted by Heather Stewart on
Benefits of Green Tea | Hey Honey Skin Care

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and it’s mainly due to all of the medicinal benefits that it has to offer. Many of the catechins in this tea are quite present due to the fact that green tea is one of the least processed teas out there (white being the least). Tradition Chinese and Indian medicine included using green tea to help control bleeding, aid digestion, and heal wounds, among other things. Tea (especially green and white) increases the antioxidant content of tissues, particularly blood, which brings many health benefits. Studies have found that drinking green tea can help with weight loss, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cardiovascular issues. It can even replace coffee due to its lower (and healthier) caffeine content.

In addition to drinking green tea to savor the benefits, many of the smart skincare products have green tea as an ingredient. Topical formulations of green tea has been proven to reduce sun damage by quenching free-radicals then reducing inflammation as opposed to simply blocking the UV rays. While there is no concrete evidence, green tea can slow down the development of the aging process, thereby elasticity is retained, and wrinkles would be less noticeable. However, more studies are needed to further investigate green tea’s role in the anti-aging process.

Even though the knowledge of the full range of benefits of green tea could be some years away, there is no evidence that says green tea is bad for you in any form. Besides drinking at least one cup a day, you can create ice cubes out of freshly brewed tea and use them as a toner (just let them thaw a bit first or else risk a freeze burn). You can also check out our 911 Pro Gel: Multi-purpose propolis serum, and our Open Your Eyes serum. Both of these products contain green tea extract and will provide many health benefits to your skin. 

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