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Yes, I Finally Took It Off!

Posted by Alisa Jones on
Yes, I Finally Took It Off! | Hey Honey Skin Care

Say Hello to Hey Honey! Take It Off! Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask 

Ok, I confess... I have a bit of a honey addiction.

I can literally put it on (or in) almost anything: in tea, on sandwiches, drizzled over ice cream and in cake recipes. Then, there are also things like honey-baked ham, honey roasted peanuts, honey nut cereal... I like it so much that I could probably find a way to eat it with tacos, pizza any other totally unexpected food.

But honey isn’t just for tacos and ham. As it turns out, it’s even better for skincare. This is especially true when it comes to dry, irritated winter skin. I don’t know about you, but between the frigid temperatures outside, the dry heat inside and your basic city grime, during winter, my complexion turns a dull, papery shade of gray that moisturizers alone can never quite remedy.

That said, this being the heart of winter, there’s no reason to give in to dull, dry-looking skin. Hey Honey’s TAKE IT OFF peel off mask can help to bring back that fresh, silky glow any time of year. Now, you might think that exfoliating during winter would put you at risk for dry, chapped skin, but in truth, it’s the opposite. By exfoliating on a regular basis, you are allowing your moisturizer to actually do its jobs.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Katrina Yoffe, the founder of Hey Honey to talk about what inspired this line of skincare. “In a word... Simplicity. I looked around and saw how many beauty products I had: a whole collection of day creams, night creams, moisturizers, serums, retinal creams, de-puffers, wrinkle treatments, acne treatments and scrubs. It was too much. Everything was too complicated.”

Listening to her, both as a beauty writer and an overly scheduled woman, I could definitely relate. She expanded...

“I asked myself, what is the one active ingredient that could unite them all? And honey was the answer.”

From as far back as the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians, honey has been the foundation of so many cosmetics. The question for Yoffe was, how to bring them into the 21st century in a way that kept things simple?

One of the products that seemed key to having healthy, glowing skin was a mask, which she was kind enough to send me. At first, I’ll confess, I was a bit skeptical. It’s rare to find a good peel off mask these days—especially one that’s honey-based. They are few and far between. I forged ahead, applying a generous amount of the clear, lightly scented mask over my entire face--carefully avoiding my eyes, brows and hairline. I have found over the years that, when it comes to peel off masks, going a thicker when you put it on, makes the peeling part easier and it tends to lift off more of the gunk on my skin. 

You’ll want to do the same with this mask. Fast forward 15 minutes later after the mask had dried, I peeled it off, starting with my forehead and working my way down to my chin and jaw line. The results:

- my complexion (and I rarely gush about a product) was so soft and radiant.

- Suddenly, I had the glorious glow of an Audrey Hepburn or a Cate Blanchette.

- The alpha hydroxy acid-honey blend had done away with the fine lines around my eyes, giving me the brighter more dewy appearance I’m always trying for... 

I’m sure there’s much more, but the best part of TAKE IT OFF, other than the luminous and silky after effects, was satisfaction of peeling off all the grime and dirt. I want to say that it is also a little like the satisfaction that comes with popping bubble wrap, but that wouldn’t be doing the product justice.

Katrina Yoffe set out to create an exfoliating peel off mask and product line that brought out all the cosmetic benefits of honey. Winter, spring, summer, fall, I can attest that at $29.00, this tube of radiance is it. So go ahead... say Hey Honey and hello to brighter, more beautiful skin!

More to come from Hey Honey! Stay tuned!


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