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Winter Skincare Essentials

Posted by Rachel Ames on
Winter Skincare Essentials | Hey Honey Skin Care

It's official, winter is in full swing! Can you all believe it? Well, now that the weather is getting a bit cooler, the change can be harsh on your skin. The cooler weather can dry out your skin and for those of us who are predisposed to skin irritations, we can have a lot of cracked and bleeding skin. So, our Hey Honey team wanted to share their favorite products for the cooler months to keep their skin feeling fresh and moisturized.


Katy is one half of the creative duo behind Hey Honey. Her favorite products for the cooler weather are 24Seven and Walk The Walk.

24Seven is perfect for winter because it not only moisturizes, but it prevents dryness. So many of us that have normal to dry skin can really feel the effects of the cold climate on our face and it becomes so important to keep our skin moisturized.

Walk The Walk is perfect for those of us who are on our feet all day or who's feet need a little extra love. Beauty tip: put on Walk The Walk and your favorite socks before you go to bed and you'll wake up with smooth feet!

Also, you can follow Katy on Instagram now! You'll get to see a lot more of her life and what it's like to have a family while owning your own business. Check her out @katerinayoffelarden on Instagram.


Nisso is the other half of the Hey Honey duo. His absolute must-haves during the winter months are our 911 Pro Gel and 24Seven. 

With the fact that Nisso is a busy dad, husband, and business owner, he doesn't get much time to himself. 24Seven is a go-to for those of us who live busy lives. It's so convenient with its ability to be used day or night. Plus, it can be used all over your face and it's gentle enough to be used under your eyes.

The 911 Pro Gel is also an absolute must-have for Nisso. He uses it after he shaves in the winter since his skin tends to dry and break easily. Plus, the 911 Pro Gel has aloe vera to stop the bleeding from cuts and the propolis to purify and accelerate the new skin growth which minimizes scarring.


Autumn actually works remotely and lives in Colorado, so she gets a lot more cold weather than us Floridians. Her number one skincare essential for winter is Good Morning. 

Colorado tends to have a lot of fluctuating temperatures and it wreaks absolute havoc on your skin. So, she prefers to go for a good moisturizer to keep the dryness at bay. She prefers Good Morning because it absorbs fully, leaves no residue, and it doesn't clog her pores.


Amanda is our Executive Coordinator and she helps keep all of our projects on track. 

During the winter a lot of us struggle with chapped lips, which is why one of her absolute essentials is Bésame Mucho. Bésame Mucho is perfect for those of us who's lips need a little extra protection from the wind and chill that comes along with the winter season. Best of all, it absorbs well and it'll leave your lips feeling soft and hydrated.

Most of us have the same issue with our knuckles during the winter months. As soon as the cool air touches our skin, our knuckles are left dried, cracked, and sometimes bleeding. For Amanda, Hands On is an absolute must during the winter to combat the dryness that wants to take hold of her hands. 


Nicole may have said it best when she said: "Hey Honey is my winter essential". Honestly, we couldn't agree more.

Living in Florida, our skin tends to take advantage of the humidity. But, when the cooler and dryer months come around, we don't see as much of the humidity, meaning that we have to rely more on our skincare products to add the moisture back into our skin. 

Nicole is truly here for the all-over moisture and has Sweet Treat, Walk The Walk, Hands On, and Bésame Mucho on her must-have list.


My hands have a tendency to dry out, even in the summer. So, when the cooler months roll in I am even more prone to dry, cracked knuckles. Which is why my absolute must-haves are Hands On and 911 Pro Gel.

Usually, when I spot any sort of dryness, I immediately apply the 911 Pro Gel. It has been an absolute lifesaver for all my skin irritations. I truly think my favorite thing is how fast it acts and you can see almost immediate changes after one use. Plus, it's not one of those things that only works for a short period of time, instead, it continually fixes dryness making that spot better and better after each use.

I'm also absolutely obsessed with Hands On. I have tried so many lotions for my hands and I would even apply some products that were made for eczema multiple times a day with no relief. Truly, it shocked me how quickly my hands became soft and smooth and how quickly the dryness and redness faded.

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