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Time to do everything you’ve always wanted to do! 

Posted by KATY LARDEN on
Time to do everything you’ve always wanted to do!  | Hey Honey Skin Care

When you are unable to perform your daily routine, whether it be going to work, attending school or taking care of your family, it is really hard to be "stuck" at home.

You can dive into the fridge every 10 minutes or crawl into bed for the third time today. Maybe you’re even starting to feel that “Oh no, I’m home with the kids” depression and your pajamas have become your official quarantine uniform. You can either continue on this downward spiral or you can turn it into a positive experience. Part of turning this into a positive experience is filling each day with purpose.

If you own a business - Do all the things that you never have time to do. Make a list of all the changes you wanted and didn't have time to work on, get new ideas, and plan on new ways to expand your business when everything is back to normal. Make financial plans, clean up your books, research new vendors, learn something new that can be useful for your business. On a normal day, I don't have time to plan ahead and there is a list in the back of my mind that's always there and never gets accomplished, now it’s time to pull this list out and start crossing items off. 

If you work at a company, now is the time to work on all the projects you have in mind besides your nine to five. A lot of us have passion projects that we haven’t had the time to start and now is as good of a time as any!

If you’re a stay-at-home spouse, use this time to research something new. Maybe you had a business idea and never stopped to look at it, or a passion for something that required more time. Start with something small online like researching for part-time work from home (there are many opportunities out there with everything that’s happening).  

Bottom line, as hard as it is, you can turn this into something positive. Take this time to invest in YOURSELF without feeling guilty. 

When you give yourself a purpose the time will fly by, you will wake up, happy and looking forward to the day. When this all ends, you will be equipped with knowledge, purpose, and ideas for the future to come.  

10 things to do: 

  1. Start planning financially, whether this is for an existing idea or something new  

  2. Clean up your computer and organize files 

  3. Teach yourself something useful for your business or work (marketing, advertising, social media… the opportunities are endless!) 

  4. Review your expenses, business or home, to analyze where you can be better

  5. Start a new idea that you always wanted to look into or find a new one. 

  6. Learn a new language 

  7. Reach out to people that can help you with your ideas, they have more time now just like you do. 

  8. Work on your online presence – update your LinkedIn profile and reach out to old connections

  9. Research better financial options - a bank account that is better for your needs, retirement plans, savings, etc.

  10. Or, if you want something more fun - teach yourself something new that you can cook for the family dinner and share it with your friends! 

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