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Hey Honey Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Heather Stewart on
Hey Honey Holiday Gift Guide | Hey Honey Skin Care

Holiday Gift Guide

Can’t decide what to get for the women in your life? Are they hard to shop for? Well, we’ve got a holiday gift guide to help you out a bit. After all, what woman would turn down the gift of natural and healthy skincare products? Yeah, we can’t think of one either.

Moms, Grandmothers, aunts, and in-laws: Give these women the gift of soft skin with our Love Your Body lotion and our Hands On hand cream. Put the two together in a small basket covered in festive cellophane wrap. Not only will you score points for giving soft skin, you’ll also give them a smile with your nearly professional-looking wrapping. Soft skin is a huge hit in the winter months, so they will definitely thank you for these products!

Sister/Sister-in-law: You’re probably the one with whom your sister shares the most with, including any skin issues she may have. No matter her skin type, she’ll definitely enjoy receiving our Take It Off honey peel-off mask, which will give her the quick and rejuvenating facial that she could use.

Friend/Co-Worker: A simple yet thoughtful gift will go a long way when it comes to friends and co-workers. Since you don’t want to give them a full size product that could be totally wrong for their skin type, opt for our Deluxe Trial Size Set. Included in the set are deluxe trial size versions of our most popular products: Good Morning Honey Silk Serum, Take It Off Exfoliating Peel Off Mask, I Peel Good! Biomimetic Honey Peel Cream, and Come Clean Propolis & Minerals Facial Scrub. 

Girlfriend/Wife/Significant Other: When it comes to your significant other, obviously you want to make her feel the most special. Our Day & Night Duet will ensure she has a great skin day everyday, which will give her confidence a boost. The duet includes our Good Morning Honey Silk Serum and our Good Night Royal Honey Gel serum. Both provide intense moisture to the skin, and - bonus! - she can use the Good Morning as a makeup primer, which will give her a flawlessly smooth finish. For extra pampering, get her the Take Your Time body butter and Walk The Walk foot cream. She'll not only get smooth skin all over her body, but she'll also have an excuse to ask for a massage! 

We wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season! 

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