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Five Ways to Relax After Your Thanksgiving Feast

Posted by Rachel Ames on
Five Ways to Relax After Your Thanksgiving Feast | Hey Honey Skin Care

Hey Honey, it’s Thanksgiving! To many, this is the official kick-off of the holiday season. Everyone's family is in town, the weather is getting cooler, and you're probably planning out your holiday gifts. While we all enjoy the holidays, it can be a bit stressful for everyone involved, whether you’re cooking or visiting family. So, we wanted to give you some quick tips to destress after your Thanksgiving dinner. 

1. Put on Your Favorite Music or Show

At the end of the day, is there truly anything better than putting on your favorite show? Whether you’re bingeing The Office for the fifth time or you watching something new, there’s no better feeling to unwind. Or, if you’re someone that likes to relax to music, that’s cool too! Grab your portable speaker and get to jamming. If you need some recommendations, Netflix and Spotify always have great 'for you' suggestions. Music-wise is there any better go-to happy music than the Beatles? No, I didn't think so.

2. Come Undone

Truly, there’s something instantly relaxing about taking all your makeup off from the day. So, snap one more quick picture of today’s make up before you take it all off. Personally, I feel like commiserating my make up on Snapchat is truly a part of the relaxation process. Send those funny selfies to your friends because we're here to relax!

3. Don’t Miss a Spot

Time to get to your full clean! We love this cleansing foam, and we’re sure that you will too. Plus, your face will feel incredibly refreshed after. Once I've used a cleanser, I just feel instantly clean after. No matter what's going on with my day, there are very few things that make me feel better than a clean face.

4. Relax! 

We mean this literally, and we’re also talking about the moisturizer. It’s great for any redness or irritated skin, which a lot of us tend to get after a long day. Relax with Relax! and your skincare is done! Your face is going to feel so soft after this that you'll probably just keep touching it. Don't worry, we get it.

5. Put Your Feet Up, You’ve Earned It

Take a break, because you deserve it! All in all, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving even if there needed to be some relaxation afterward. We hope you enjoy your night and that you find the best deals on Black Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We wanted to take a second to say that we are thankful for each and every one of you. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Photo by Park Street on Unsplash

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