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Discover Our Newly Launched Addition to the Hey Honey Family

Posted by Catherine Burns on
Discover Our Newly Launched Addition to the Hey Honey Family | Hey Honey Skin Care

Do you suffer from prematurely aging skin and wish to restore it to an ageless and radiant version? Hey Honey welcomes you to try our novel skin-care product, Stand Firm, the latest in ageless, revitalizing firming cream.

Stand Firm

As you know, we produce the most effective natural skincare products, which are always free of all phthalates, parabens, detergents, or any other harmful substances. Our most recent product, Stand Firm, is a powerful gel-like nourishing cream that’s helpful for all skin types but has special benefits for prematurely-aging skin.

Ageless Revitalizing Firming Cream


What Are the Ingredients in Stand Firm?

We make it from six main components, fused into a truly unique blend you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Japanese Nameko Mushroom
  • Rosehip
  • Purple Gromwell
  • Honey
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Argireline

The Nameko mushrooms have been an effective moisturizing agent since at least the third century BC in Japan. It contains several essential vitamins like Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. You know how much we love honey for its moisture retention as well.

Argireline offers you Botox-like smoothing results without any need for injections. We also appreciate the hemp-seed oil for its inflammatory power. Rosehip helps skin replenishment with copious amounts of Vitamin A, and the purple gromwell is another great substance for countering inflammation.

What Should I Expect When I Use Stand Firm?

This is a cream that delivers fast results, enhances and protects the delicate skin/moisture barrier, boosts collagen levels, improves skin elasticity, and works wonders to firm and tighten your skin.


Honey Face Cream

How Do You Use Stand Firm?

It’s simple to use. All you have to do is apply Stand Firm cream after cleansing to your skin (face and body). It might tingle a little because of its potent ingredients, but that’s completely safe and normal. You can elect to either use it as needed or regularly.

We hope this serves as a useful introduction to our new Stand Firm cream. As always, be sure to research all our information on this product, and remember that we use only the safest, recyclable ingredients and packing materials for everything at Hey Honey.

Hey Honey produces the cleanest and animal-cruelty-free skin and body care creams and treatments. If you’re interested in trying Stand Firm or any other of our marvelous skincare items, don’t forget to peruse the rest of our online catalog, check out our satisfied customer reviews, or discover all about our well-aging essentials.

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