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Why the name “Hey Honey”?
The phrase “Hey Honey” is a common approach between two people who care about each other- like how we care about you! It’s also used to address friends. And of course, honey itself is our products’ foundation.

Why Honey?
Honey and Propolis are nature’s most potent antiseptics and antibacterials. Please visit our pages regarding Honey and Propolis for more information. For further reading about our ingredients and formulas, visit our A-Z Ingredients page. Also feel free to contact Customer Care anytime with questions regarding our ingredients.

Why should I create a Hey Honey account?
-A Hey Honey account allows faster checkout by remembering your addresses, billing info, etc.
-A Hey Honey account allows you to track your order status, including tracking information.
-A Hey Honey account allows you to view your past orders as well as print invoices

Why should I sign up for email updates?
-You will receive a code for 10% off your order as soon as you sign up
-You will receive discounts, sales information, promotions and flash sale information

I signed up for email updates, but I don’t see my coupon code?
Once you enter your e-mail to sign up for Hey Honey updates, the first e-mail you receive will have “Welcome To The Hive” in the subject line. This email has your code in it.

What about Animal Testing?
Hey Honey is a 100% Cruelty-Free brand! we are a proud members of Peta's project Beauty Without Bunnies 
We are against (!) animal testing and ensure our manufacturers adhere to this same principle.

What are the special benefits of Honey for my skin?
Honey has been used in skin care for centuries and was the beauty secret of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and many elite Roman women, who were known to take honey and milk baths to improve their skin. Honey contains superior nourishing and moisturizing properties and has recently received recognition as an antioxidant. Its complex nutritional composition includes vitamins, minerals and many trace elements essential to quality skin care formulations.

Since some people are sensitive to beehive products, any skin care containing honey should be individually tested before continued use.

What is PROPOLIS and what are the special benefits for my skin?
Propolis is “Nature's best kept secret from the beehive” It is a waxy substance gathered by bees from the buds and barks of trees. The bees combine the Propolis with a wax and use it to seal and protect the hive from any bacterial damages and germs. Propolis is rich in Minerals & nutrition and is known to have protective and hygienic properties. It is also identified with supporting the barrier function of the skin and its antiseptic properties ensure a germ free environment. Effective for cell turnover, Propolis encourages and accelerates the rate of cell division to keep your skin strong and toned.
Propolis contains many minerals such as:
Manganese, zinc, barium, titanium, copper, tin, nickel, cobalt, chromium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, magnesium, molybdenum, aluminum, silicon, and more. Many vitamins such as B, C and E can be found in varying doses depending on the types of plants the bees gather their Propolis from.

The exceptional technology we use to infuse Propolis into our products ensures that all of the beneficial properties mentioned above are preserved!
Click here to read more about the magical Propolis

Why don't your products have Sun Protection Factor (SPF)?
Our products do not contain SPF, yet. The main reason being that adding SPF to a product completely changes the formula- it lowers the concentration of active ingredients and can affect the texture. However, we are currently working on a SPF infused line.

My Come Clean directions recommend an Exfoliation Booster but I don't see one in your store?
The Exfoliation Booster is a discontinued product. We have found that water actually works as an accelerator for Come Clean- as it dissolves the salt crystals and activates the ingredients. New packaging will not recommend the Exfoliation Booster.

The 911 Pro Gel directions say to should keep it moist for 15 minutes, how?
All we mean by that is that you should apply the gel and leave it for 15 minutes to soak into the skin before​ removing / wiping /​ ​rinsing or ​adding other products ​on top.

Where Is Hey Honey located?
Our corporate office is located in sunny Sarasota, Florida.

What is the "Hey Honey, Speak Up!" fund?
We believe in the power of individuals, empowering women and building a better world. We have established the Hey Honey Fund to do our part in turning these beliefs into realities.

How much do you donate?
We are pleased to announce that we will offer a “feature product” each day that specifically benefits the Hey Honey Foundation.100% of the profits from sales of these featured products will go directly to the fund!

Where does the money go?
At the end of each year, we will provide you with a list of organizations that help, protect and assist abused women by providing them and their children with a safe home, financial, emotional and professional support. We will invite you, our valued customers, to choose how these funds are allocated.