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Simple Skincare Resolutions

Posted by Rachel Fera on
Simple Skincare Resolutions | Hey Honey Skin Care

The new year is the perfect time to create new goals and routines or update your existing one. The drying winter months can be hard on your skin, so we decided to create this list of skincare resolutions and easy changes to make to your routine that will carry you throughout the year.

1. Use products for your skin type.
Everyone has different needs for their skin. Your skin can be dry, oily, sensitive or a combination and it can also change based on factors like age, environment, medications and hormones. Just because you have used a certain product in the past doesn't mean it's the right product for you now. Make sure you are using products specially designed for your skin type and concerns to ensure you are getting the most out of your formulas.

2. Stick to a routine.
Let's be honest, we totally understand how perfectly following a routine is much easier said than done. While having a strict routine, even down to the order you use each product, is the best way to see results, it is more important that you just do something at all. Simple consistent things like making sure you remove all your makeup before bed, always applying SPF in the morning and investing in a daily moisturizer are great ways to start your journey to become a skincare expert.

3. Cut down on how much you touch or pick at your skin.
When you excessively touch or pick at your skin it does more harm than good. Your hands carry dirt, bacteria, oil and other impurities that can easily transfer to your face. This can lead to further damaging your skin, causing scarring, or clogging additional pores and spreading infection causing subsequent breakouts. Keep dry skin hydrated and use a spot treatment to dry out and eliminate blemishes.

4. Keep things clean.
Take better care of the items that come into contact with your face. Just like your hands, dirty makeup brushes can be breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria, along with carrying dirt, oil and other pore cloggers. To avoid extra irritation, spritz them weekly with an antibacterial brush cleaner and do a deep clean once a month. Also be sure to change your sheets, especially pillowcases, and cycle out your loofahs and exfoliating brushes before they get a buildup of bacteria.

5. Splurge on your skin once a week.
Whether it is a refreshing face mask or an exfoliating scrub that eliminates dead skin, schedule some extra time outside of your normal routine to pamper your skin. Not only will this time have an incredible amount of skincare benefits, it can also have a significant impact on your mental wellbeing so use this time to relax and destress from your normal responsibilities.

We hope that these resolution will bring you even better and brighter skin in 2019, honey!

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