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It's Acne Awareness Month

Posted by Maggie Walters on
It's Acne Awareness Month | Hey Honey Skin Care

It’s Acne Awareness Month!


Yes, you heard that right June is Acne Awareness Month and, in the dermatology and skincare world we like to take the month of June to work towards reducing the stigma surrounding acne. Around 40-50 million Americans are affected by acne a year making it the most common skin condition in the U.S. Acne Awareness Month is here to say goodbye to this negative stigma while highlighting ways to accept and treat acne. To better understand acne types and how Hey Honey and the Bees are doing their part fighting acne, let’s go back to the basics.


What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that affects the oil glands of the skin. Typically, it occurs when hair follicles under the skin or pores get clogged with oil, dead skin cells, bacteria or dirt which then causes irritation producing blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, etc. Although acne is most common in teenagers due to their hormones becoming active during puberty, many adults can still have adult acne flare ups at any stage of life which is completely normal.

How does Honey help treat acne?

There are many different types of treatments you can use in order to treat acne and most people unfortunately go through a whole list of them before finding one that works. However, since ancient times, humans came to understand that the best ingredient to fight acne comes from the hive.

Honey is packed with calming properties like antioxidants, anti-microbials, amino acids, and peptides. Honey is also a humectant which helps hydrate and nourish the skin without causing it to become oily. Meaning that raw honey can help your acne. These different properties reduce inflammation and redness which can help diminish visible signs of acne. Instead of removing dirt from the clogged pore, honey draws out excess fluid causing it to work wonders on inflamed pimples and doing all this without drying out your skin.

How does Bee Propolis help treat acne?

Bee Propolis is a resinous mixture that is viewed as a natural disinfectant towards bacteria. It has many different functions, but some of our favorites are that it accelerates cell-turnover, it’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antifungal. You may be asking but how does this help acne? Well, Bee Propolis targets the bacteria that specifically causes acne and like honey it is also anti-inflammatory. Meaning it can help with any prolonged inflammation, which if ignored over time acne can compromise the integrity of the moisture barrier creating even more acne. Bee Propolis also accelerates cell turnover which means it can help lighten acne scarring and even help give your skin a smoother texture.

Our Acne Treatment Products:

Hey Honey skin care line, includes 8 recommended products that will help you successfully fight and prevent acne.

Our resident education expert, Yasmin, helped break down these amazing products:


  1. Don’t Miss A Spot Propolis Cleansing Foam is our propolis infused cleansing foam that helps balance the pH of your skin which is very important when treating acne. When your skin pH is unbalanced, it can become alkaline making you more prone to breakouts.
  2. Tone It Up helps minimize the appearance of pores and helps dig deep to further clear out pores. (Fast Fact: also balances skin pH).
  3. 911 Pro Gel is highly concentrated in Bee Propolis meaning it has all of the amazing effects of Propolis and then some. This product is especially good for acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and textured skin.
  4. Be Clear are skin purifying propolis drops which are extremely soothing to irritated skin due to the oat beta-glucan and the amino acid complex. (Fact: these drops are preventative of breakouts).
  5. Relax! is an oil free, water-based moisturizer, which is perfect for acne prone skin. This moisturizer will hydrate your skin without creating excess oil. It is also known for its soothing properties, has a lightening agent to help scarring, and calms redness.
  6. I Peel Good is a biomimetic honey peel cream that focuses on adult acne and is known for being a deep exfoliant.
  7. Uncover helps dry out acne, but it won’t dry out your skin. It targets bacteria, inflammation, and detoxifies pores. (Pro Tip: can be used as an overnight spot treatment).
  8. Take Away The Drama is a youth boosting honey & copper peel off mask that uses the advantages of the enzymes in honey which creates a deep exfoliant.

We hope this helped shed some light on your acne treatment process. If you aren’t taking advantage of Honey and Bee Propolis…you should be! Be sure to check out our acne special this month! Our Propolis Acne Solution which contains both the Don’t Miss A Spot Propolis Cleansing Foam and the 911 Pro Gel are on sale for $65 ALL month long! Happy Acne Awareness Month!


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