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How To Calm Winter Redness

Posted by Rachel Fera on
How To Calm Winter Redness | Hey Honey Skin Care

Hey honey, we know winter weather can lead to inflamed and splotchy red skin, so we've put together this quick list of tips to combat redness during this especially harsh winter season. To keep your skin happy and calm this winter (with perfectly healthy and rosy cheeks), follow these best practices.

1. Use Gentler Products
Abrasive facial scrubs or products that contain harsh ingredients like alcohol do more harm than good during the winter season. Alcohol increases skin dryness and often leads to redness, and can even trigger rosacea. Harsh facial scrubs can irritate your skin by causing tiny micro tears. Stick with products that use natural ingredients and are geared for redness or sensitive skin. If you still want the cleanliness of a scrub, try a peel such as I Peel Good, which promotes even skin texture and tone.

2. Hydrate Regularly
Redness is your skin's way of telling you how irritated and dry it is. Give your skin ample hydration by using an effect moisturizer on the surface and by drinking a proper amount of water throughout the day. Use good facial moisturizer, such as Boost It Up which contains natural ingredients like honey, vitamin E and coconut oil, to keep your face hydrated. An intense hand and elbow cream like Hands On, which is infused with ingredients like propolis and shea butter, will soften and protect your skin. Apply moisturizer several times a day, especially after bathing and hand washing.

3. Add Specialized Products to Your Routine
Pampering your skin with an added serum or face mask is the perfect way to calm irritation and redness. Starting and ending your routines with specialized soothing serums offers an added layer of goodness to keep your skin happy. Adding in a mask every week allows time for both your skin and your mind to destress. Try our Day & Night Duet, containing our Good Morning Serum and Good Night Honey Gel, that uses honey to hydrate, replenish and protect your skin from the winter all day and night.

4. Cover Your Skin Appropriately
Just like you lather yourself in sunscreen at the beach, you should take additional precautions to protect your skin during the winter too. While using SPF on your face is an important step year-round, winter weather requires a physical barrier from the elements too. Be sure to cover the lower half of your face, your ears and your hands and feet to keep them warm and dry when you're outside. These sensitive areas are especially prone to dryness, cracking and redness.

Here's to looking your best this winter, Honey!

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