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Fall Fashion 2015 Guide

Posted by Heather Stewart on

Fall Fashion 2015 Guide

Ah, the crisp autumn leaves, corn mazes, and the pumpkin spiced (literally) everything are now among us. It’s a beautiful sight, but there’s one thing that’s a bit off…..you have no idea what to wear this season. Well, in a nutshell, if you don’t have a meat dress with shoulder pads and 20” spiked heels in your closet, then you may as well just stay home until December. Just kidding. This season’s latest trends are actually quite wearable. If you’re like me and you hate throwing out old clothes due to a slightly ridiculous attachment, you may actually have everything you need in your closet right now!

Grab those stacked kitten heels. You know the ones- those super comfy lady loafers that you bought a year ago but you’ve been too embarrassed to wear to the office for fear you’ll be dubbed the “old lady” so instead you kill yourself in 6” stilettos. No need to be embarrassed now, because those kitten heels

are in season! While you’re at it, grab your fur boots, your long gloves, and turtlenecks. Do you have any grey suits? Yep, grab those too. One of the season’s biggest prints is plaid, so bring that out as well. Remember all those fun patterned tights you bought a few years ago? Good news – you can wear them again without looking like a faux pas! And those expensive thigh-high, up-to-there boots that you’ve stuffed in the back corner of the closet? Better dust them off because you’re going to get some use out of them for once.

The looks for the season are really quite simple, sexy, and feminine, with a focus on leathers, flounce hems, and Victorian-esque ruffles and lace. Stay professionally chic at the office with your kitten heels and long line blazers with a turtleneck under. For a weekend look, put away the skinny jeans and instead opt for flared jeans and a chunky knit, boho sweater. After all, the 70s are trying to make a comeback! With high collars, mini-skirts, patterned tights, and those thigh-high boots, let your legs be the focal point when you go out. Swing your hips a bit while walking and you’ll have everyone’s eyes on you all night!

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, you only need a few subtle things. Skinny scarves, while not all that practical, add a flare to any outfit due to the thickness. Carwash pleat skirts, while some can be a bit funny looking and a hard look to pull off, there are many styles of them out there and can look great on you if styled well. Sparkly, feminine jewelry and simple statement pieces are now in, so put away all that bold bling and treat yourself to a brooch or earrings that are a bit more toned down. For evening wear, opt for a one shoulder dress and show off a new clutch or wear one long glove on your bare arm. Asymmetrical looks can be quite alluring if pulled off well.

While this autumn season is shaping up to be quite fashionable, the best thing you can wear is your confidence. Make sure that whatever you put on your body gives you a big smile and keep your head held high, you fashionista!

Photo Credits: Headline Photo: Harper's Bazaar  Below: Elle Magazine

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